Parker Lands

Mixed use brownfield residential development, Winnipeg, MB

The Parker Lands are a proposed development in the City of Winnipeg bounded by the community of Beaumont to the south, the CN Railway line to the north, Pembina Highway (Rte. 42) to the east, and Hurst Way and a commercial district to the west. GEM Equities Ltd. has developed a preliminary site plan for a high density, and transit-oriented residential development.  The development is comprised of three phases of varying density, from single-family homes to high-rise buildings with underground parking, with land uses of ‘Mid-Rise Apartment’ and ‘High-Rise Residential Condominium/Apartment’. The proposed development is a total of approximately 300 single family units and approximately 1000 higher density units. With an average occupancy of 2.3 persons per unit, the projected population is 2,990 residents.

As the Parker Lands are surrounded by existing communities, they are challenging to develop due to servicing constraints imposed by current infrastructure and respecting the context of the surrounding neighbourhoods. The proposed development will generate additional water demand, land drainage sewer flows and wastewater sewer flows; InfraCor evaluated each of these services in a servicing study for their impact on existing infrastructure. All of the identified upgrades were quantified and a class ‘D’ order of magnitude cost estimate was prepared to help with project budgeting.