InfraCor is a growing infrastructure design and project management consulting company with staff in Calgary, Alberta and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Its managing partners each bring decades of strategic and management experience in a diverse array of established and new businesses, government agencies, and community organizations. Each has a proven track record of bringing together high-functioning teams in a collaborative setting built on integrity, trust and results.

People. Planet. Performance.

InfraCor has adopted a triple bottom line approach to our business.  Based on being great instead of big, our business model is one focused on our staff's intimate interaction with our clients, building long and lasting relationships.

Our triple bottom line approach means incorporating awareness and concern for the impact our company has on the environment into our strategic planning process. By applying innovation to new market opportunities, we will promote long-term sustainability to ensure a healthy planet and a sustainable business model.

Adelphia Design Alliance

On May 1st of 2016, InfraCor joined the Adelphia Design Alliance as a member firm.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with member firms located in 70 cities across North America representing over 1,600 professional engineers and architects, and operating in 71 offices across 7 countries, the Adelphia Design Alliance is an alliance of completely independent, full-service, small and medium sized North American engineering and architectural design firms.  We have come together in support of a common purpose - to close the gap between the intimate service offering our firms can continue provide within each of our individual cultures and the scale of technical services and geographic reach that large and mega-firms offer.  This entity will afford the small to mid-sized firms like InfraCor the opportunity to increase:

  • our geographic reach on behalf of InfraCor clients
  • the scale of projects we can now manage locally using resources from acrosss North America
  • the number and quality of clients we provide services for in the broader market
  • the number and quality of alliance partnership opportunities
  • the amount of technical information and innovative technology that InfraCor has access to, and
  • the continuing education opportunities for our staff in multiple sectors.

Meet the InfraCor Team


Our people are committed to bringing the best infrastructure service experience to our clients through our innovative, sustainable, passionate and intimate service delivery.


Our beliefs define us.  They are why we exist.  They are what separates us from our competition. We firmly believe that they make us greater than the sum of our parts.  They ensure that we are the best infrastructure service provider for our clients, our staff and our community. Come meet with us and we will share in detail our Core Values and Beliefs with you.



We value and develop long-term relationships with our clients that allow us to grow and prosper together; we take pride in the accomplishments of our clients, and want to be recognized as an integral part of that success.